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random post is random. I like having my lj account to see friends locked posts in comms I follow but I just don't really post.


This is now the ONLY place I have left on the internet that my mother has not joined and found me on. Not that I wanted any privacy on the internet of course...


So..um... wow

Colin Morgan please stop being so attractive and tempting me away from Bradley


Er... Hello?

Er, hi LJ. I highly doubt this will be paid attention to due to my lack of actual contribution to anywhere on LJ but er hi once again LJ.

I think the sunshine is getting to me, I rejoined Twitter and am posting on LJ once again (well this post now at this minute). I have no real reason to do either but I think the over exposure to sunlight is sending me a little batty,

I would like to say that I've not been sitting outside in the sun, just that there hasn't been this much sun for a while and I can see it from the windows at work. Blue skies too. Total rarity.

Anyway yeah, hi LJ. I may or may not use you, I may also post on twitter though I only have one follower and oh, I start work in an hour so I should really turn the laptop off.

Laptop is shiny and new and has Windows 7 :o)

Bye x

Pardon bbc news?

I am a girl. I like watching football.

I will not ever be going to see Sex and the City 2 BBC News. I will be watching the football. Quite happily and it will be my own choice.

Thank you so much for the sterotype.


Money is needed, lots of money for dvds

I want to watch Buffy.  In a "I haven't watched this for ages I want to watch it NOW!" kind of way. It's actually annoying me.

Rewatching Battlestar Galactica for the third time since November.

Yeah this post is pretty meaningless.

I don't mind moving but....

Well, I don't mind living in one place and then living in another, it's the just inbetween bit I don't like. I hate packing and moving everything and then unpacking again.


Three weeks until I move in with the other half :o)


My daft crush...

Yes Bradley James that icon means you. With your face and being such an adorable idiot. Gah, this is ridiculous.

Hector the Hero

I adore Wolfstone's version of this and love Duncan Chisholm.

That is all

Going home. Chuck.

I am mostly all packed up to visit home now, apart from my laptop which will be the last thing packed. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. Lol.

Chuck, The most recent Chuck. I won't say anything in case of spoilers but I squeed and flailed and generally made my other half laugh at me due to my reaction to the episode. :oD